Keeps your muscles warm & fits great

 sleeveless-hoody-big-topsI once read somewhere that you could never have too many hoodies. They were right! I own a few hoodies made by Physique Bodyware so I have a good feel as to how the sizing is. What I seem to forget is the material. I am more of a cotton man and not really a fan of the fleece type. With the fleece type there is no stretching at all. But this material offers a little stretch while you train and it repels water, it just beaded up and rolled off. Now with my 100% cotton one it would of just absorbed into the material. This hoodie is about the correct true to size but the one thing I liked was that is was a bit shorter than others. I’m tall 6 foot 2 and most hoodies are too long on me. Now as for the coloring, it was what I expected from the picture. Everything has held up with numerous washing and drying. The stitching is doing great with no loose threads. Overall it’s a good quality hoodie. This product was a personal purchase for myself at the normal retail price. I am reviewing it solely because I want to share my experience with other potential customers. I have received no compensation for my review nor do I have any relationship with Physique Bodyware.”     See ‘Em
-Bill CT

Men’s Training Short. Not Too Long & Not Too Baggy. Built For Leg Day! Made in America.

bodybuilder workout shorts camouflage

The best workout shorts built for leg day!  Our exclusive Men’s flex workout shorts are Not too long & Not too baggy. They stop mid quad and show off your muscles. If you don’t have them, it will inspire you to get them!  Yes, they have pockets! Guy’s are you tired of wearing long, baggy, non flattering workout shorts in the gym? Then give our new men’s flex workout shorts a shot. Built to help you dominate the gym on leg day, everyday! Soft, 50% Cotton/50% Poly. Drawstring elastic waistband and the perfect 5 inch inseam with safety stitched front and rear seams for added durability.  Made in America. Order now!

Protein Supplements. Everything You Need To Know To Grow!

1. What are probiotic organisms and prebiotics and why do you add them to your protein powders?

Answer: Simply put, probiotic organisms are the friendly bacteria that we should all have in our intestines to help us break down the food we eat and to assist with nutrient absorption. On the average, a human being carries around approximately 4 pounds of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Ideally, our intestines should contain the maximum percentages of probiotic, friendly bacteria and low levels of bad bacteria, such as yeast, mold, and staph. organisms. In actual fact, however, the bad organisms outnumber the probiotic organisms in our intestines, and this skewed ratio can lead to health and digestive disorders. We can start to change the ratio of friendly to bad bacteria in our intestines by regularly consuming live (viable) friendly bacteria in the foods we eat. With a regular regimen of viable probiotic organism consumption, studies have shown that the numbers of friendly bacteria in the intestines will rise and the numbers of bad bacteria will correspondingly decrease. The result is a healthier intestinal tract, increased efficiency of food digestion, and increased nutrient absorption. Read More

Today’s Gym Business Precious Real Estate or Market Meltdown?

While the real estate market cools down from ‘red hot’ to ‘still over-priced’ in various parts of the country, there exists one area in which real estate remains as precious a commodity as ever. It’s one where people battle for every square inch, certain neighborhoods never lose their value and ownership in some areas gets flipped countless times a day.

I’m speaking, of course, about the gym.

By its very nature, real estate (i.e. space) within a gym is highly valuable. The bigger a gym, the more machines an owner can install and the more members they can service. With hundreds of thousands of pounds in bulky machines, equipment and weights needing a home, you rarely see a gym with underutilized space. No matter what the square footage, open areas, like those often used for stretching, core work or free weights, are like the rain forest — rare and rapidly shrinking in size. Why leave a space needlessly unoccupied when you can fit another treadmill or a roman chair there?

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Physique Gym Bag Sale! Save 20% Off With Promo Code: BEAST20




Physique Bodyware gym bag.  Bag features our signature logo: “Physique Bodyware Hardcore Training Gear”. Our gear gym bag fit’s in your locker, big enough to hold your workout clothes, phone, energy bars, sports drinks, weight belt and towel.  Great for travel.  Bag measures 20″ x 10″ x 10″ Bag is water resistant and features a full zipper, side pocket, mesh water bottle holder, shoulder strap plus a carry strap. Import.

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