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Physique Bodyware Presents: Actualize Your Muscular Potential in One Year! Part I of 3. By Mike Mentzer.

In this first of a 3 part series, Mike Mentzer begins to align his reasons, deliver the unassailable logic, responsible for his belief that fulfilling one’s potential should require very little time, less than even Arthur Jones believes possible! Although controversial, one must admit that Mentzer stimulates thought like no other writer in the field.

Prior to the advent of most – no, all! – of this century’s greatest scientific discoveries, e.g., the airplane, the radio, the television, interplanetary travel and personal computers, how many of the great American unwashed would have granted any plausibility to such. Damned few, aside from the literal tiny minority of scientists researching those areas. It wasn’t that many decades ago that the philistine public had the attitude: “Go to the moon? Impossible!” And what about the television; which, to my mind, is the greatest invention in history?   READ MORE



Eat Like a Strongman- Franco Columbu, former Mr. Olympia winner and co-star of the movie ‘Pumping Iron,’ on what really works!

Franco Columbu, former Mr. Olympia & Mr. Everything, says, “Hey, you, eat a bagel!” Back when he was considered one of the World’s Strongest Men, renowned bodybuilder Franco Columbu would bench press 520 pounds, dead lift 750, and squat 655. He bent a bar across his face in one contest, carried a refrigerator on his back in another, power-lifted a car, and blew into a hot water bottle ’til it exploded like a party balloon, spraying water all over the audience. He hasn’t carried a refrigerator in years, but his imprint on body culture is indelible. Today, at 54, Dr. Franco Columbu is a Los Angeles chiropractor, nutritionist, and trainer who has cowritten several health and fitness books, including Weight Training and Bodybuilding: A Complete Guide for Young Athletes (with Richard Tyler, D.C.); Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding (with a foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger); and The Bodybuilder’s Nutrition Book (with Lydia Fragomeni).

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Limited Edition MONSTER Hoodie Jacket. 100% American Made, Even The Zipper!

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Our Limited Edition  men’s Ultimate Physique Hoodie Jacket is the most MASSIVE  jacket we have ever created! It took us 18 years to find this High-Performance American-Made Berber fleece again!  It’s extremely warm and soft.   This fast drying, plush light weight fabric has a high warmth-to-weight ratio similar to natural wool.   Built to meet the demands of the Physique Bodyware lifestyle.  Designed for every-day wear.   Features: Ultra thick American made Berber fabric.  V-Tapered athletic fit.  Order Now!  Embroidered, 2 color left chest logo, colors will vary.  Soft covered elastic cuffs keep out wind.  Extra thick full front zipper.  Modern full zip hoodie details.  This extremely Limited Edition production run is guaranteed to sell out fast and it will never be made again! 100% Made in U.S.A. Order now!