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Physique Bodyware Post A Selfie Contest.

Contest! Post A Selfie And Tag Us Wearing Physique Bodyware And Win! 2 Winners Chosen At Random Will Receive A FREE “Go Hardcore Or Go Home” Y-BACK TANK TOP Featured In The Movie Pain And Gain Starring The Rock. Contest Ends Monday, July 31, 2017. So This Upcoming July 4th Weekend While You’re Hangin’ At The Beach Go Selfie Crazy & Remember To Post & Tag Physique Bodyware! Good Luck!


Men’s Training Short. Not Too Long & Not Too Baggy. Built For Leg Day! Made in America.

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The best workout shorts built for leg day!  Our exclusive Men’s flex workout shorts are Not too long & Not too baggy. They stop mid quad and show off your muscles. If you don’t have them, it will inspire you to get them!  Yes, they have pockets! Guy’s are you tired of wearing long, baggy, non flattering workout shorts in the gym? Then give our new men’s flex workout shorts a shot. Built to help you dominate the gym on leg day, everyday! Soft, 50% Cotton/50% Poly. Drawstring elastic waistband and the perfect 5 inch inseam with safety stitched front and rear seams for added durability.  Made in America. Order now!

Protein Supplements. Everything You Need To Know To Grow!

1. What are probiotic organisms and prebiotics and why do you add them to your protein powders?

Answer: Simply put, probiotic organisms are the friendly bacteria that we should all have in our intestines to help us break down the food we eat and to assist with nutrient absorption. On the average, a human being carries around approximately 4 pounds of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Ideally, our intestines should contain the maximum percentages of probiotic, friendly bacteria and low levels of bad bacteria, such as yeast, mold, and staph. organisms. In actual fact, however, the bad organisms outnumber the probiotic organisms in our intestines, and this skewed ratio can lead to health and digestive disorders. We can start to change the ratio of friendly to bad bacteria in our intestines by regularly consuming live (viable) friendly bacteria in the foods we eat. With a regular regimen of viable probiotic organism consumption, studies have shown that the numbers of friendly bacteria in the intestines will rise and the numbers of bad bacteria will correspondingly decrease. The result is a healthier intestinal tract, increased efficiency of food digestion, and increased nutrient absorption. Read More