The 2018 Physique Bodyware Model Search Winner Is… Anthony Tedesco

Congratulations to our Model Search winner, Anthony Tedesco from Burlington CT. Not only is he the WINNER of our Tri-State Athlete Search, Anthony has been wearing Physique Bodyware for over 10 Years! This long time Physique Bodyware Fan holds a college degree in Applied Exercise Science he’s a also a NASM certified personal trainer. Anthony’s advise to other bodybuilders…”Dedication, determination, and desire…these are three words to live by in this sport. Be patient, stay on top of your nutrition year-round (not just when trying to “cut up”), and train hard! Remember that if making it in this sport were easy, everyone would look like a bodybuilder.” This Super Heavy competitor gearing up for the North Americans in Pittsburgh the last weekend in August. Bring it HOME Anthony!
UPDATE: Here’s what Anthony just tweeted right after he found out he was our winner:

anthont t model2.jpeg


Excited to have been chosen for @physiquebodyware’s model search. I remember being so impressed when my own first coach, @pjbraunfitness, was their model in all of the bodybuilding publications I would read religiously. To think that on Tuesday I’ll be filling those shoes is pretty freakin’ cool to me! Physique Bodyware makes THE best quality gymwear and is who many industry-leading brands use to print their entire lines on. Heck, even the @teamantabolic stringers are made by them! 2018 is truly shaping up to be one of many blessings. Thank you for the opportunity!

The Truth About Bodybuilding!

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