Physique Bodyware Customer Reviews

Love these stringers! Also, props to Physique Bodyware¬†because every time (3 times) I’ve ordered them, 2-3 days and POW…Delivered! To give an idea of the fit I am 5’11” 230lbs 14% BF and ordered a large (in fact I’ve ordered 10 of these in various colors) Very safe from nipples hanging out, snug on chest, barely loose (perfect) on mid section (if you have at least semi-cut abs). Hangs down half way down my buttox, barely covers penis area but shorts are recommended. Stitches in the seams appear to be really good, fabric is thin and great quality! Nice thin! Like comfortable in the heat thin! Super soft fabric! This is the most comfortable stringer I have ever worn. Stretchy material that will shrink back after washing. Honestly, I’m guessing you could (within reason) be a size or two too big, or too small, and still be very comfortable. My advice: Do not hesitate. I got one, then ordered more once I felt the comfort…then later on I ordered more just so I would never have to wait on laundry. I’d be lost without this comfortable stringer! Also, check out “Lace Up Football Shorts” for shorts and you’ll feel comfortable like you’re naked. No joke!


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