Is Working Out Fun?

Is working out fun? Sounds like a rather irrelevant topic of conversation at face value. But is this question simple-minded locker room chatter or is a very relevant subject that should be examined more closely? The answer is the latter, because this query is tied into the most important topic of your life: your health.

In grade school, most of us were taught that sports, teamwork and competition involve the type of hard work and commitment that will benefit us later in life. But when we become adults, the concept of working out is mysteriously morphed into having to be “fun.” Look at any one of the four nationally broadcast fitness shows (Body Shaping, Flex Appeal, Gotta’ Sweat and Co-Ed Training) as proof. “Make exercise fun” is the theme that is pounded into the viewers’ heads. These morning exercise shows feature extremely fit people forcing ear-to-ear grins as they exert themselves through a variety of weight lifting and aerobic exercises. What’s more, the featured athletes are constantly telling us to regard exercise as something that’s fun and to be very creative in trying to find ways to make exercise enjoyable. The host for Co-Ed Training tells the audience before a block of commercials, “We’ll be right back with more fun.” What? Are we watching an exercise instruction program or I Love Lucy reruns? READ MOREArnold tank banner


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