Keeps your muscles warm & fits great

 sleeveless-hoody-big-topsI once read somewhere that you could never have too many hoodies. They were right! I own a few hoodies made by Physique Bodyware so I have a good feel as to how the sizing is. What I seem to forget is the material. I am more of a cotton man and not really a fan of the fleece type. With the fleece type there is no stretching at all. But this material offers a little stretch while you train and it repels water, it just beaded up and rolled off. Now with my 100% cotton one it would of just absorbed into the material. This hoodie is about the correct true to size but the one thing I liked was that is was a bit shorter than others. I’m tall 6 foot 2 and most hoodies are too long on me. Now as for the coloring, it was what I expected from the picture. Everything has held up with numerous washing and drying. The stitching is doing great with no loose threads. Overall it’s a good quality hoodie. This product was a personal purchase for myself at the normal retail price. I am reviewing it solely because I want to share my experience with other potential customers. I have received no compensation for my review nor do I have any relationship with Physique Bodyware.”     See ‘Em
-Bill CT

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