Physique Bodyware Athlete Dominick Mutascio to Compete in NPC USA Championships

NPC USA Championships_Dominick Mutascio

Physique Bodyware would like to wish good luck to one of our hardest working athletes, NPC Competitor, Dominick Mutascio, in his upcoming show, the NPC USA Championships!!

A New York native, Dominick Mutascio, has spent the past five years making a name for himself in the bodybuilding world as an extreme fitness and nutrition guru and fierce NPC competitor. Competing as a middleweight bodybuilder in such shows as, the Junior Nationals, Metropolitan, and Excalibur; Dominick has yet to place below second in any of his competitions. His motto of “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is apparent in his training methods and stage presentation.

Most recently, Dominick took first place at the NPC North Eastern Summer Classic in Westchester, NY. Currently, he is only one week out from the NPC USA Championships, in Las Vegas, NV where he is set to take the stage once more, in his quest for his IFBB Pro Card.

We asked Dominick, what’s your favorite piece of Physique Bodyware clothing??

Dominick replied, “I love all of their stuff, but I would have to say one of favorite pieces is definitely the Y-Back Stringer tank. It’s got a classic bodybuilding look that really showcases my physique in a way that not many other tanks like this can. Plus the material is really nice and they’ve got a ton of cool colors. Their Workout Shorts are also awesome; they make my legs look really defined. It’s hard for me to find a pair of fitted shorts that are actually comfortable enough for me to train in.”

Meet Dominick and grab some Physique Bodyware gear tomorrow afternoon at RXMuscle’s Bros Vs Pros 24 event at Extreme Fitness Xtreme in Shirley, NY.

Check out Physique Bodyware for the best in fitness clothing and workout apparel.

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Written by Lina G. DeForca


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