Jay Cutler To Meet and Greet Competitors at Bros Vs Pros 24

Bros Vs Pros 24

Four-time Mr. Olympia champion, Jay Cutler, is undoubtedly one of the most recognized bodybuilders of all time, and this Saturday, July 18th is your chance to meet him in person!

IFBB Pro Jay Cutler is teaming up with RXMuscle.com to present the Bros Vs Pros 24, which will be held at Unique Fitness Xtreme during their grand opening in Shirley, NY.

Are you passionate about extreme fitness? Do you feel like you have what it takes to beat an IFBB Pro? Well here’s your chance! Go pound for pound in the bench press and deadlift competitions against the pros! See details below.

It’s free to attend and compete, and winners will receive over $2000 in cash prizes!

Physique Bodyware will be handing out free workout tanks and tee-shirts!

Plus tons of giveaways from Species Nutrition and free demos by Pretty Lashes by Stephanie!

The event will be live streamed by RXMuscle.com and will be hosted by Dave Palumbo!

Be sure to come down Saturday, July 18th to meet Jay Culter and all of the IFBB Pros, including Akim Williams, Tracy Hess, and Jeff Beckham. Plus UFC No.1 Title Contender, Luke Rockhold, and many more!


Men: 315 for reps (UNDER 200lbs class & OVER 200lbs class)

Women: 165lbs for reps


Men: 225lbs for reps (UNDER 200lbs class & OVER 200lbs class)

Women: 60% of bodyweight for reps

Written by Lina G. DeForca


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