Men’s Y-Back Camouflage Stringer Tank Top. Only $11.98 ea. when you buy 3 or more. Mix ‘N Match With 725. Original Men’s Y Back Stringer Tank Tops.

Sale! Order 3 or more for only $11.98 each.

Jump on our best selling Camouflage Men’s Y back stringer tank tops now! When it comes to Y-back stringer tanks nobody beats Physique Bodyware’s original style & custom made fit, nobody! Our exclusive men’s camouflage Y-Back Stringer Tank Tops are HOT every season. Order now! 

Same pro bodybuilder cut as our 725 men’s Y-back stringer tank tops. Exclusive, Quick Dry Physique Fusion fabric delivers the comfort and feel of cotton with unsurpassed moisture wicking performance. Poly, Rayon, Span. See The Tights!Physique Bodyware, makers of the Original camouflage Y-back stringer tank tops for Bodybuilders since 1990. Made in America. We don’t build champions, we dress them. Order now!



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