Men’s V-Tapered Big Top. Custom Made in America. Our Men’s V-Tapered Big Top fits you like it was custom made. Order now!

Our innovative V-Tapered mens Big Top fits like it was custom made. Available in 6 awesome colors. Built in America. Order now! Exclusive cutting edge style mens BIG top is custom made for bodybuilders. Professional grade muscle. Physique Bodyware’s V-tapered mens big top workout shirt is roomy, soft & comfortable. The perfect fitting long sleeve mens big top for guy’s who hit the weights, workout and train hard. Our mens V-Tapered Big Top looks great in the Gym and on the Town. Soft, plush polar fleece. This V-Tapered cut mens shirt is guaranteed to make you look HUGE. Order now! 

Guy’s, Physique Bodyware’s exclusive V-tapered fit makes you look much bigger across the chest, shoulders and back while keeping your waist looking lean. If you workout order our custom fitting V-tapered men’s big top now! Our big top men’s shirt looks great wash after wash and keeps its custom V-tapered shape. If you workout then this is the one big top every bodybuilder should own. Poly. Oversize. Embroidered. Made in America. 

Order now and save an additional 15% OFF your purchase with coupon code PBM15!!



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