Workout Gear Gym Bag. Gym Bag holds your energy bars, sports drinks, weight belt, towel and more. This workout gym bag fit’s in your locker.

Awesome gear gym bag for Men & Women. Our exclusive Workout Gear Gym Bag features our signature logo: “Physique Bodyware HardCore Training Gear”. Our Gym Bag is big enough to stash your workout clothes, vitamins, energy bars, sports drink, weight belt and towel. Order now! 

Workout gear gym bag fit’s in your locker. The perfect size Gear Workout Bag for the gym or travel. Gym bag measures 20″ x 10″ x 10″ Our Workout Gym Bag is water resistant and features a full zipper, side pocket, mesh water bottle holder, shoulder strap plus a carry strap. Order you Workout Gear Gym Bag now and take an additional 15% OFF your purchase with coupon code PBM15!!



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