Men’s Spike Muscle Shirt. Cutting edge V-Tapered mens muscle shirt features our muscle hugging fit.

Before compression shirts there was our men’s Spike Muscle Shirt! Physique Bodyware, makers of classic cutting edge V-Tapered long sleeve muscle shirts for bodybuilders and elite athletes. Guy’s our innovative mens workout muscle shirt will fit you like it was custom made. Now available in 5 colors! Reinvented, trend setting design features today’s modern details include: V-tapered waist and cut bigger in the chest, arms and shoulders. Our innovative mens muscle workout shirt is made in America. Order now! Technology you can feel. Exclusive ergonomic muscle hugging fit that’s built tough with a soft-touch feel that can’t be beat. No distracting chest symbol or logo. Poly/Elastane. Made in America. Order now! 

*Muscle Buzz* What some of our customers are saying about Physique Bodyware’s men’s muscle shirt. Pro. Purchased a few mens workout shirts for my son. I alway’s trust the Physique Bodyware brand to offer high quality gym apparel. You didn’t fail me. Pro. This muscle shirt was a gift for my boyfriend who loves the style & fit! He trains hard 6 days a week at Gold’s Gym Venice. Con. No logo. You guy’s need a cool symbol. Pro. Your Spike muscle shirt for men keeps me cool. Great color selection! Pro. V-tapered fit is Fantastic! Made much better than your competition. Pro. I would recommend Physique’s brand of men’s muscle shirts to all my friends. Pro. They’re made in America! Innovative style & fit for bodybuilders and elite athletes Order now and save an additional 15% OFF your purchase with coupon code PBM15!!



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