Men’s Flex Tank Top. Muscle Hugging Fit! The Perfect Amount of Stretch to Enhance Your Muscular Physique.

Our exclusive mens FLEX muscle tank top is a winner in the gym and on the street. Contoured form fitting V tapered body, medium straps, scooped sides with full cut racer style back. Order now! Breathable soft ribbed cotton with the perfect amount of stretch to enhance the contoured V-taper of your muscular physique. 

Physique Bodyware’s original men’s FLEX muscle tank tops are back by popular demand. Watch your muscles grow with every rep from any angle. Today’s great look with our body hugging V-tapered form fit. Order now! Whether you’re a bodybuilder, gym rat, fitness guru or hardcore freak, our exclusive form fitting mens FLEX muscle tank top is for you! Great sale price, order now. If you want the gear that the Pro Bodybuilders & Fitness Models wear check out Physique Bodyware now for Men’s form-fitting muscle tank tops. Soft touch ribbed cotton/poly. Made in the USA.

Order now and save an additional 15% OFF your purchase with coupon code PBM15!!




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