CNP Pro MR Meal Replacement – Save big! 5 Pound bag. Muscle up and lose fat fast!

CNP High quality protein meal replacement available in 5 pound bags. 42 Grams Of Protein Fortified With Glutamine Peptides. 

High in protein (42g) per serving.

32 servings per bag.

Fortified with Glutamine peptides

Optimum blend of proteins

Low fat/lactose

Loaded with viable probiotic, bifidus, acidophilus, and yogurt organisms. Order now!

Pro-M.R. is more than a standard, high protein meal replacer. Pro-M.R. is a comprehensive nutritional strategy for all high intensity training athletes. Bodies exposed to high stress situations, such as bodybuilders and other athletes undergoing heavy training sessions, experience a greater need for high quality proteins and certain micro-nutrients. The problem for these athletes is how to make sure that the required nutrients are being supplied to the regenerating body in order to maximized lean tissue growth. Pro-MR has been formulated to add convenience to the heavy training schedules of hard working athletes. Pro-MR contains a proprietary anti-catabolic blend of ingredients specifically designed to provide the proteins and micro-nutrients that a rebuilding body needs. Order now!

Pro-MR contains 42 grams of the highest quality protein. These protein sources have been specially selected to provide the highest possible quantities of bioactive peptides, trace micro-nutrient enzymes, and biologically important milk and whey proteinfractions to help enhance your immune system, to help speed recovery after heavy training sessions, and to help you regenerate lean tissue faster.

Manufactured from the finest ingredients to contain all the nutrients necessary to support your efforts ito build a better shaped body. Pro-MR is loaded with viable, probiotic organisms to help keep your intestinal tract functioning at peak efficiency. We even add “prebiotic” Fructo-oligo-saccharide to Pro-MR to feed the bifidus, acidophilus, and yogurt organisms.

The ingredients in Pro-MR have been selected to help your body to better incorporate nutrients before, during, and after intense exercise. Pro-MR is compete nutrition with the highest quality proteins, micro-nutrients, naturally occurring anti-catabolic enzymes, growth enhancing fatty acids, health enhancing carbohydrates, and all of the vitamins and trace minerals that your body needs to recover, repair and grow lean tissue after each training session. 

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