HardCore Freak Mens Y-Back Stringer Tank Top. Original Men’s Y back tank tops built for bodybuilders since since 1990!

Once you hit the gym in our limited edition Pro-Cut Y-back Stringer Tank Top, they’ll be calling you a Hard Core Freak. Our best selling Y-Back Stringer Tank Tops are back. Order now! Quality, American made workout Y-Back Stringer Tank Tops for men are hard to find these days especially with all the Non-Stringer Y-Back Tank Tops you find online and at the mall. That’s why Physique Bodyware customers keep coming back year after year. For well over Twenty Two years straight we continue to offer a great fitting line of men’s Y-Back Stringer Tank Tops for bodybuilders. We put pride over proffits by keeping our line of great fitting men’s Y-Back Stringer Tank Tops made here in America without raising our prices since 1990. Shop now! 

We at Physique Bodyware understand that you don’t wanna be a FREAK but you can’t help yourself! Today’s pro bodybuilders train our Y-back stringer tank tops. Logo reads: HardCore Freak! Physique Bodyware XXXL Training Gear. Made in the USA. Cotton/Poly. Order now!

For this style and many more, check out our new website! Use coupon code PBM20 to receive 20% off your purchase!



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