Men’s V-Tapered Big Top. Custom Made in America. Our Men’s V-Tapered Big Top fits you like it was custom made. Order now!

Our innovative V-Tapered men’s Big Top fits like it was custom made. Now available in 6 awesome colors. Built in America. Order now! Our exclusive cutting edge men’s BIG top is custom made for bodybuilders. Not that cheap off the rack imported men’s workout gear you buy online or in the mall. Physique Bodyware’s V-tapered men’s big top shirt is roomy, soft & comfortable. The perfect fitting long sleeve men’s big top for guy’s who hit the weights, workout and train hard. Our men’s V-Tapered Big Top looks great in the Gym and on the Town. Soft, plush micro-fiber Poly fabric keeps your muscles dry. This V-Tapered cut men’s shirt is guaranteed to make you look HUGE. Order now! 

Guy’s Physique Bodyware’s exclusive V-tapered fit makes you look much bigger across the chest, shoulders and back while keeping your waist looking lean. If you workout order our custom fitting V-tapered men’s big top now! Our big top men’s shirt looks great wash after wash and keeps its custom V-tapered shape. If you workout then this is the one big top every bodybuilder should own. Oversize. Embroidered. Made in America.

For this style and many more, check out our new website!


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