Men’s Workout Belt. Padded 4 inch men’s leather weightlifting belt. Great workout belt for novice or pro’s bodybuilders.

Our exclusive men’s 4 inch leather workout belts are a great value for novice and pro bodybuilders. Same style classic leather men’s workout belts worn at Muscle Beach, Venice. Padded men’s leather weight lifting belts feature quality leather with double stitched seams and heavy duty nickel plated buckle. Physique Bodyware’s Men’s leather weight lifting workout belts are perfect for elite bodybuilders, athletes, power lifters & personal trainers. Order now! FYI: Physique Bodyware’s Workout Belts were autographed by the top 5 winners of the Arnold Classic and auctioned off for big money! If our men’s workout belts are good enough for Arnold, they’re good enough for you! 

Below Is A Rough Idea Of The Belt Sizes 
Variables May Exist A 1/2″ One Way Or Another
Workout Belt Size Chart Fits Total Length
Small 26″ – 30″ 39″
Medium 31″ – 34″ 42″
Large 34″ – 38″ 45.5″
X-Large 38″ – 42″ 47″
XX-Large 41″ – 45″ 49″

CAUTION – When using weight belts always use proper & safe lifting techniques. Use of these products may NOT prevent injury.
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