Manufacturers of Workout Clothing for Men, Athletic Workout Wear, Tight Fitting Shirts.

Founded in 1990, Physique Bodyware is the true innovator and manufacturer of mens workout clothes as well as custom made body contouring workout wear for Bodybuilders, Power lifters and Elite Athletes. With over 300 styles of Physique enhancing trend setting, innovative styles for Men and Women built for the Gym, Street and Beach. Our technology is advanced our passion is extreme our mission is simple, to make every Physique look it’s best through the pursuit of creation and self-expressionShop now! Physique Bodyware, offering today’s colors, styles and Hi-Tech performance fabrics in workout wear for Men and Women. Our cutting edge designs include several style original mens Y-back stringer tank tops, assorted mens classicworkout muscle pants and mens gym baggies plus several assorted classical styles of mens workout shorts for bodybuilders. We also offer a huge variety of mens workout hoodies mens big tops, mens pullovers mens mens muscle shirts and mens posing suits all with a custom made muscle hugging fit for bodybuilders. Award winning customer service! All Made Right Here at our facilities in the U.S.A

We Put Pride over Proffits. We will never sacrifice quality to save a buck by making our mens workout clothing overseas like the competition. We make Mens & Womens workout wear plus a huge selection of Bodybuilding gear. We offer volume discounts for wholesalers & distributors worldwide. We also offer private label work if you have a special event or design. Many of you are already wearing Physique Bodyware’s trend setting designs under a different name.. Professional grade muscle clothes. Our huge selection of provacative, trendy cutting edge mens styles plus our American quality and cheap low sale prices can’t be beat! Remember, Physique Bodyware is the leading manufacturer and innovator of re invented athletic cut street, gym wear and fitness apparel for men & women. Physique Bodyware is the strongest name in mens bodybuilding clothes for over 23 years. Our styles are built to go from the gym to the street to the nightclub!
Physique Bodyware has appeared in all major fitness magazines, workout, fitness videos, movies and television shows including SNL, ESPN, MTV, Fit TV,WWE Smack Down and Access Hollywood. Recent movies include Lay The Favorite staring Bruce Willis and Vince Vaughn. Physique Bodyware is featured in Magic Mike staring Channing Tatum. Also Michael Bay’s film Gain & Pain staring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.

For over 23 years, Physique Bodyware has dressed many of today’s top fitness celebrities, pro athletes, IFBB pro bodybuilders and WWE wrestlers. We’re very popular with our military overseas, protecting our freedom and even the CIA.
On September 11th, 2001, a sad and tragic day in our nations history Physique Bodyware, a New York based company, was one of the first companies on the scene to donate hundreds of new pants and shirts to all of the fire fighters, police, medical staff and rescue volunteers to keep them warm, dry and safe.
Physique Bodyware along with our friends at the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), continue to support our troops. As of today we still ship FREE care packages to help boost the morale of our Men and Women serving in the armed forces fighting for our Liberty in “Operation Freedom”.
We will continue to send FREE Care Packages until they are all home safe!



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