Physique Bodyware-Giving Back To Our Military Since 9/11

Since the war against terrorism began on 9/11/01, our company Physique Bodyware, has been sending free care packages of our workout clothing and fitness gear to the soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world along with letters of appreciation and thanks for the great job they are doing to help keep us safe. We also send free care packages of clothing to the wounded Men & Women at Walter Reed Medical Center to aid them with their rehab & recovery efforts.

Physique Bodyware, being a New York based company; on September 11th we know first hand what terrorism can do to our people and our nation. It is they, our fearless soldiers on the frontlines making the ultimate sacrifice protecting our freedom, liberty and country! That is why we truly appreciate, admire and love them! 

We are very proud of all of our brave soldiers. We are praying for this war to end soon and that they all come home to their families and friends safely! 

These soldiers are the best of the best! They are true American Heroes! Please, pray for them all! 

We have received countless letters from numerous branches of our military, thanking Physique Bodyware for putting a smile on their face and for just how much they appreciate our support. They will never forget what we have done for them during this difficult time. One thing that terroism or war will never, ever, take from us is our American Spirit! We will never forget you! 

Yes! We offer military discounts and money saving coupons just ask for details. If you or someone you know is stationed overseas please let us know as we are always looking for more units who could use free care packages of Physique Bodyware Workout Gear. As we have been doing so for the past 9 years, to support our brave young Men and Women to help keep them motivated, in shape and feel comfortable. There is nothing more satisfying then putting a smile on a soldiers face! Show our Troops that you care, send a note of “Thanks” to a soldier this season and we’ll pass it along! Send a letter now! 

Thank you for your continued support, God Bless America! 

Here are some of those letters



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