The world of professional bodybuilding is run like shit! Cont’d


The sport of bodybuilding has an athlete’s rep, he’s their voice but nobody is listening he’s controlled by the higher ups.  The same guys who run the organizations also run the major shows, (the shows that you gotta win to go pro); they also happen to be the judges for most of those shows.  Their buddy just happens to run the gym where the athletes train and also do photo shoots featuring the same bodybuilders wearing their gym or the organizations name on their tank top.  More interesting the gym owner’s buddy just happens to be a photographer who just happens to be friends with another guy who has a clothing company who is friends with the magazines editor-in-chief.   See the pattern here?  It’s controlled from start to finish by the same small-minded group of people.  It’s like dealing with the mob, you don’t stand a chance unless you’re with them!

Just another reason why the sport of professional bodybuilding is run like shit!

Professional bodybuilding needs a union.  When Bodybuilders retire, many without health insurance or benefits.  They need to have basic testing and preventative maintenance to prevent premature death caused by the use of anabolics.  A union designed to care for athletes well into their old age.  This union can’t be controlled or manipulated in any way, shape or form by the aforementioned group of people who barely graduated high school.  A union without prejudice, with nothing to lose or gain.  One that will care more about the athlete than the bottom line.  Again, bodybuilders need a union, an independent voice.  Most bodybuilders out there can ban together and form their own union.  No Weiders, Peckers or Manions needed! 

You retired Pros can travel around the world doing autograph signings, educating kids and adults on proper diet, nutrition and training programs. Hell you can even have your own pose downs! You can speak out about the use and misuse of steroids. Who said you have to wait once a year to be seen and heard at the Olympia or the Arnold?  Nobody!  You can form several groups by title winners, height class or best body parts.  With different groups of retired pro bodybuilders traveling the globe you can now collect and pool all the profits allowing you to afford airfare, hotels, food and everything else the aforementioned group made you pay for in the past. Gee, it was nice of them to give you that free table at the Olympia.

You guys are still in fantastic shape well into your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Look at Jack LaLanne he gave cooperate motivational speeches well into his 80’s. While writing this over the weekend 3 bodybuilders died.  Heart, kidney and liver failure they were all under the age of 50.  Retired pro bodybuilders reunite and form this union now before you wake up one day broke, sick and alone without health insurance or fans that care enough to speak the truth! 

– A. Fan


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