The world of professional bodybuilding is run like shit!

These days it seems every time we turn on the computer and log on the facebook… another bodybuilder is found dead way before their time!  Stroke, heart attack, kidney failure etc…these are all complications caused by anabolic steroids, routinely used by professional bodybuilders.  Get over it, not every bodybuilder on juice becomes Mr. Olympia! It takes hard work, discipline, & dedication. Good genetics can’t hurt!

The toll on the body from years of heavy training, unhealthy dieting and of course drugs makes the sport of professional bodybuilding a young mans game!  By the time you hit 40 you’re done or at least your organs are. 

Now what…retired by the time you hit 40, sounds like you just hit the lottery right?

Wrong! Many of the pro guys who never even placed in the top 5 of a national show…now find themselves unable to find work other than working as a personal trainer at 24 hour fitness. While many retired bodybuilders have college degrees, health insurance and retirement plans to fall back on just as many do not.  So, what ever happen to the top pro’s from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s you ask.  Some started supplement lines or opened a gyms while others opened a clothing company.  The rest just fade away into the old yellowing pages of Flex, MuscleMag, and Muscular Development magazine never to heard from again ‘till you read somewhere online or hear at the gym “guess who died from steroids…he was so young”.  It’s sad that such a health conscious sport can be so unhealthy for you! It robs your best years, leaving you with nothing but a few trophies, a stack of magazines with your picture in them and mounting debt.   That’s why the sport of professional bodybuilding is run like shit

(To be Continued)

-A. Fan


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