Check Out This EXCLUSIVE Physique Bodyware Article: Gold’s Gym.

Check Out This Exclusive Physique Bodyware Article: Gold’s Gym. A look at Bodybuilding’s Golden Era Through the eyes of those who were there. By David Robson.

Over the years many have speculated over exactly what was bodybuilding’s true Golden Age. For the 60s and 70s iron champions of Venice Beach, Southern California, bodybuilding’s Golden Age was unquestionably their era. Looking back you can see their point. For one thing: this was a time where the great Arnold Schwarzenegger was in full flight, establishing himself as the best bodybuilder ever to set foot onstage. Just training shoulder to shoulder with the Austrian Oak was enough to add a few more reps or a little more weight to your total on a given day. Then you had the mystique. Bodybuilding as far as the public awareness it had achieved and the level to which it had risen was catching on. Although far from mainstream – and chances are it never will be – bodybuilding was a popular spectacle and attracted its own unique subculture of groupies and those who were simply drawn to it through its melding of art, performance and sport. From its dank, dark, basement days of the 40s and 50s, where it was considered more of an oddity rather than a form of artistic expression or sport in its own right, bodybuilding was now new, fresh and something very much alive. And the legendary Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach, California, known among bodybuilding’s devout as the Mecca, was the place to go. It had an aura all of its own. In fact it could be said that bodybuilding’s Golden Age took place in and around this hallowed place of bodybuilding worship.


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