Physique Bodyware’s BRAND NEW IMAGE after 23 YEARS!!!!

After 23 years we at PHYSIQUE BODYWARE have decided to change our image!!! Physique Bodyware is the premier mens workout clothing maker and true innovator of mens fitness wear and mens workout clothes custom made for bodybuilders and elite athletes that feature our tailor made trend setting classical designs with modern, cutting edge details and fabrics. We are reinventing our entire IMAGE this is HUGE for us. We have never ever changed our image and never actually planned on it but we finally felt it was time to re-brand. Our new website will be easier to use & will have a great new look! Our reinvented selection of professional muscle mens workout wear can be seen worn by today’s top movie stars, fitness celebrities, bodybuilders and WWE wrestlers. We will sill offer over 300 styles of Physique enhancing couture for Men and Women!!! Please take a moment like us on FACEBOOK & Follow us on Instagram & on Twitter!!! All of your favorite promotions will be available on all of our social sites and remember…we don’t build champions we dress them!




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