Mens Y-Back Stringer Tank Tops by Physique Bodyware

The best selling Mens Y-back stringer tank tops on the planet!  WHY??? They are featured on Muscle Beach Venice, worn by the very first MR OLYMPIA Larry Scott (we still get a thrill when he calls for his tanks), also…featured in The movie Pain & Gain worn by THE ROCK while training, & because they are custom fit just for YOU!  Our Y-back stringer tanks are available in 18 new colors! Buy 3 or more stringer tanks for only $10.98 each! Order now! Original Muscle Beach mens Y-back “STRINGERS” the same great style & fit worn by pro bodybuilders worldwide! Our Physique Bodyware exclusive mens Y back stringer tank tops are preferred by more bodybuilders, athletes, personal trainers, gyms and supplement companies over any other brand of mens Y-back stringer tank tops made in America. Order Now! 


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